What to Ask When Searching for a Recovery Residence

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When you decide to start the path to recovery and sober living, you need to find an environment that is safe and supportive. This often means finding a halfway house that is a good match for your goals. There are many options in Phoenix, AZ, and it can be difficult to see which place is right for you. Here are five good questions for sober living houses:

Do you offer the program I need?

Recovery residences offer different levels of support and services. For many addicts, structure and rules make all the difference in a successful recovery. Homes are rated based on the type, intensity and duration of support offered. If you require 12-step programs, life skills classes and limited contact with certain friends or family members, you may need a higher rated program. However, if you have outside support and merely require a change of scenery, then you can likely thrive in a lower rated home. One is not better than the other—it all depends on what you need.

What’s the environment like?

You likely have specific environmental needs. Some recovery homes are in refurbished hotels and every resident has their own room. This may work well if you require space. Others are more like standard homes that feature community living. If you require accountability and peer counseling or are simply a social person, you may require the communal approach rather than being isolated in a room.

What is your fee structure?

Do not sign on with a recovery residence unless you understand the fee structure. See if any services cost extra—while fees may cover room, board and group counseling, they may not cover transportation, day trips or extra support sessions. You may also have to pay some fees by performing work and contributing to your recovery community. Also, run the charges by your insurance, as that could greatly reduce the expense.

What can you tell me about your staff?

A tour should involve meeting staff members, not just seeing rooms and hearing rules. Ask about staff and their background and training. Homes rated for higher support may include staff who earned degrees and certifications. You also want to know the staff-to-resident ratio. Even if you choose a home with the right support services, that may have less impact if the home is understaffed.

How will you hold me accountable?

Most homes enforce accountability through drug and alcohol tests. These are normally conducted at random in order to verify your sobriety. However, the tests should be ethically conducted and you should be notified of their elements. Ask about which drugs the center tests for, and how often. Ask if they charge an extra fee. If there is a relapse, some centers will remove you from the living quarters, but still send you to a safe place. Verify the home’s policies so one mistake does not leave you stranded.

Advanced Sober Living is a halfway house and recovery program in Phoenix, AZ. We offer men a supportive place to overcome addiction and rebuild their quality of life. If you have more questions about our sober living house, contact us today to arrange for a tour.

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