Why Sober Houses Help Build a Foundation for Lifetime Sobriety

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A variety of programs and support networks are available for those who struggle with addiction. Some are more effective than others. If you or a loved one need help on the road to recovery, consider the following reasons why sober houses help in Phoenix, AZ. A sober living situation might be the perfect solution that helps build a foundation for a lifetime of sobriety:

  • Sober environment: Making a commitment to remain sober is the easy part. Keeping that commitment is the challenge. It can be extremely difficult to remain sober when you go back to your old surroundings that are filled with tempting situations and people. A sober house provides an alcohol- and drug-free environment to remove those temptations.
  • Support: Residents of sober houses are encouraged to participate in self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. These programs can provide a great support network for those in recovery. Living in a situation where it is considered normal (and even expected) to attend these groups can encourage participation.
  • Structure: House rules provide structure that helps maintain sobriety. Residents must pay rent, complete their share of house chores, attend house meetings and maintain sobriety. These responsibilities help create healthy structure for residents’ lives.
  • Stability: Another reason why sober houses help in Phoenix, AZ is the expectation of financial contribution. Each resident must pay rent and other costs. This encourages financial responsibility and adds stability to the residents’ month-to-month activities.
  • Stopover: Residents can use a sober house as a transition between early recovery and a return to regular living. The home offers flexibility to stay as long as they want. Since many people who are trying to remain sober don’t have access to healthy housing options, this stopping place can provide the ideal safe setting to start a new life of sobriety.
  • Study: These reasons why sober houses help in Phoenix, AZ aren’t simply hopeful wishes and dreams. Research has shown that these environments are helpful for recovering addicts. Individuals who live in these homes have shown they are less likely to relapse, have fewer arrests and have better employment rates than those who don’t stay at a sober living home.

Which one?

If you’re convinced a sober house could be helpful for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to pick the right one. Since these homes are not regulated by state or federal programs, they vary greatly in what they offer and their quality. Look for an established sober house with a solid reputation for helping people get on the road to recovery and stay there.

Find a home

Advanced Sober Living offers a unique sober living program designed to support men through the challenges of early sobriety and assist them in developing skills that will prepare them for independent living. Within a short period of time, our residents will be working through a program with a sponsor, finding employment, exploring educational opportunities and returning home to reintegrate with their family members and loved ones. Call us to learn more about how we can help you or your loved one today.

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