January 30, 2024

"I typically do not share my opinions or thoughts online however Advanced Sober living of Arizona deserves this one. I have been a client for 14 months and I can honestly say living at Advanced has been a huge component of my sobriety. From the management to the clients and mostly to my comfort and safety I'm truly in a much better balance that I have ever been. With over two years of sobriety, I was always looking for the next place and now I have stopped looking for the next place and now I have really started to work on myself along with my sobriety and living in such an amazing place I can honestly say without a doubt Advanced Sober has been the best sober living home that I have ever lived in. I truly hope this review makes a difference in someone else's life because it has made a huge and wonderful difference in my life,"
March 22, 2023

"I have been sober now for five years and credit Advanced Sober Living for saving my life. Getting sober is a decision you have to make. It's up to you."
May 4, 2021

"Hands down one of the best sober living places in the valley! The house is amazing an always kept cleaning, almost spotless compared to other sober living houses. This is definitely a great place if your serious getting sober and want to work a program. The house managers actually care and are very supporting, in fact all the guys I lived with were very supporting."
September 11, 2020

"I lived at Advanced Sober Living for over a year and have nothing but good things to say. The house is very well run and well spaced out, and there is a a great camaraderie among the residents. Advanced Sober Living has a been a huge part of my recovery, and I would recommend to to anyone looking to stay sober"
September 9, 2020

"Good price.great group of guys live here. Very relaxing environment."