February 12, 2020

"I have lived at ASL for the last year. Dennis the manager came to my rehab facility to pick me up and take me on a tour back in Feb 2019. He was welcoming and relatable. From the moment I walked in the house I knew this was where I supposed to be and start a brand new sober life. I wanted to be surrounded with people that are working towards recovery. I wanted accountability, stability and to make new sober friends. I got everything I wanted out of living at ASL and more. Beautiful well maintained home. The residents are friendly. Everyone pitches in on their chores. Very comfortable place for a fresh start. I couldn’t imagine my recovery as successful without the people at ASL."
November 7, 2019

"Great house - lots of room, hardly know there are others here at times. Well managed and clean. Highly recommend"
September 15, 2019

"Fantastic place! Clean, structured with many amenities!"
June 7, 2019

ASL is Beyond Expectations

"I, unfortunately, have lived in two sober livings in the valley. I went to Sobriety Experience where the only experience I had was everyone else not being sober. I moved to Advanced Sober living almost two weeks ago. Not only is the house managed at a professional level, but the manager himself is an incredible inspiration. He is fun but strict. You will do your chore and you will do it right. You will be held accountable. You will work a program. You will be sober.As for the house? I am not sure what I can say about an eight bedroom house in Scottsdale other than it is immaculate. Spacious rooms, beautiful and serene backyard, plentiful parking and the rooms are separated perfectly for the size of the house. The living areas have their own space. Is this property perfect? I would say 9.7/10. This has been an incredible experience all around and I do not see myself leaving this property anytime soon.Thank you ASL!"
June 7, 2019

Best sober living

"I have been at advance sober living for almost a month now and really enjoying the support at the sober living. I came to advance for a community of people that strive to hold each other accountable to stay sober. I am experiencing exactly this at Advance all the people living at house all have the same goal. The staff are available 24/7 with any questions or help that I may need. A prime example of this is I woke up today at 4 am and texted the house manger and he replied and helped me thru what I was going thru. The people at advance guinely want there clients todo well. I would recommend this sober living to anyone who is serious about getting sober and staying sober. The house is beautiful has a majestic pond in the backyard which helps make the backyard truly remarkable. Choose Advance sober living you won’t regret it. "