The First Step: A Guide to Selecting a Halfway House in Phoenix, AZ

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Transitioning to a halfway house in Phoenix, AZ is a significant step for many on the road to recovery. It is critical to find a halfway house that provides a healthy setting for continued progress.

If you’re searching for a home for sober living in Phoenix, AZ, use the following guide. Ask these questions to determine if the halfway house in Phoenix, AZ is right for you.

Does it cost anything to live there?

While free room and board may sound appealing, a halfway house in Phoenix, AZ should cost the residents something. You should expect to pay rent and contribute money for utilities and food. If they tell you that you don’t have to pay, or that they will pay you to live there, this is a scam. Unfortunately, fraudulent property owners sometimes set up a “halfway house” which they then use as an insurance con. They charge you nothing and then submit false claims to your insurance provider to receive funds for your “care.”

Where is it located?

Is the halfway house in Phoenix, AZ in a good location for you? If you have a support system nearby, such as local family, it can be helpful to choose a halfway house that is close to these people who can provide support. However, if the home for sober living in Phoenix, AZ is located near old hangouts and friends who might tempt you to relapse, it’s often better to look elsewhere. Removing yourself from tempting situations might be better for your ongoing recovery.

Is it regulated?

As mentioned, not all halfway houses in Phoenix, AZ are on the up-and-up. Look for a home that is regulated and licensed under local and state laws. The home should have structure and rules in place for residents. Supervision should be in place, and consequences for breaking house rules should be made clear. One of the main rules should be a zero-tolerance policy for substance use while living in the home.

Who operates the home?

Healthy options for sober living in Phoenix, AZ are run by qualified individuals. Proper licensing or certification should be in place to operate the facility. Staff should be familiar with recovery, and they are often in long-term recovery themselves. The owner of the halfway house in Phoenix, AZ should be involved in the operation of the home and have methods in place to enforce the rules and standards of the home.

What is the condition of the home?

A halfway house in Phoenix, AZ should not be halfway maintained. The building should not be in disrepair. It might not be a mansion, but it should be well maintained, clean and safe. If the building is in disrepair, this may indicate the owner is using unscrupulous practices to try to make a quick buck from the facility rather than assist those in recovery.

Find Sober Living in Phoenix, AZ

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