New Year, New You: Sober Living in Phoenix, AZ for 2019

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As James looked back on his life in 2018, he didn’t always like what he saw. His nights were filled with too much alcohol. There were some weekends he could hardly recall. His finances were a mess. Many of his relationships were strained. He realized he needed to make a resolution for 2019. He needed to try sober living in Phoenix, AZ.

Maybe you’re like James, and would like to create a new, sober you in 2019. If you’re not sure it’s worth the effort, consider the benefits you could enjoy from sober living in Phoenix, AZ this coming year.

Health Benefits

Consuming large or frequent quantities of alcohol wreaks havoc on your system. Alcohol causes damage to the liver and affects appetite, blood sugar and digestion. Drinking also reduces your quality of sleep.

Consider how much more energy you could have if you chose sober living in Phoenix, AZ for 2019. You’ll experience benefits from head to toe. You might be surprised how much healthier you are and how much better you feel even by the end of January!

Financial Benefits

How much do you spend on alcohol each month? Think about the amount you spend at the grocery store as well as at bars and restaurants. Just $15 a week adds up to more than $750 for the year. Consider what else you could do with the extra money that you free up each month by cutting alcohol out of your budget.

You might be able to get out of debt, save for a “sober reward” at the end of the year or put the money away for longer-term goals. You might be surprised how quickly the money accumulates when it’s not turning into a consumable liquid.

Relationship Benefits

Heavy alcohol use can quickly put a strain on relationships. Have any of your loved ones expressed concern about your drinking habits? If you’ve found yourself making excuses for your drinking or fighting with others over your alcohol habits, consider why this is happening. Are you drinking too much? Maybe it’s time to try sober living in Phoenix, AZ. This decision could put your struggling relationships back on track.

Mental Benefits

It’s hard to have a clear head when your brain is fogged by alcohol. Decision making is difficult. Setting goals, staying organized, performing well at work and completing any other mental tasks can be a challenge. If you eliminate alcohol for 2019, you can clear your head of its effects and start enjoying the mental benefits of sobriety. You’ll be able to think more clearly to plan the year ahead and create a brighter future for 2019 and beyond.

Get Support

If you think you could benefit from sober living in Phoenix, AZ, you don’t have to go it alone. Support is available to help you make this resolution and keep it. Advanced Sober Living offers a program to support men through the challenges of early sobriety and assist them in developing skills that will prepare them for independent, alcohol-free living. Contact our judgment-free staff today to get the support you need to start your sobriety journey.

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