An Alcohol Recovery Center in Phoenix, AZ Presents the Top Four Health Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

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Have you ever considered how alcohol consumption is affecting your physical health? Drinking causes some serious side effects on the body. Over time, alcohol can take a treacherous toll on your entire system. Fortunately, quitting alcohol can allow you to turn the tide on your health. To encourage you to take good care of your body, an alcohol recovery center in Phoenix, AZ presents the following benefits of quitting alcohol.

Healthier Skin

Collagen is a protein that is present in skin cells. This substance connects the cells to keep the tissue firm and strong. If collagen breaks down, the skin becomes saggy. Guess what alcohol does to collagen levels? It lowers them. Alcohol also dehydrates the body, which can cause skin to dry out and become stiffer. The overall result is that alcohol can make you look older.

Alcohol can also cause inflammation, which causes red, flushed skin. Over time, repeated inflammation can cause damage to the skin. Heavy alcohol consumption can also cause jaundice, which results in yellowish skin and eyes.

If you quit drinking, you will stop the damage that alcohol is causing to your skin cells. Your skin can start to rebuild rather than degenerate. You’ll enjoy healthier, more youthful skin as you enjoy your newly sober life.

Healthier Weight

Want to lose a few pounds this year? Quitting drinking is a great way to do this. Alcohol is packed with empty calories. Your body stores alcohol as sugar, which turns to fat in places you’d rather not have it. The more you drink, the more weight you are likely to gain. Research has shown that heavy alcohol consumption has a strong correlation to obesity. To enjoy a healthier weight, try quitting alcohol and watch the pounds start to drop away.

Healthier Heart

Extensive research has shown that drinking is hard on the heart. It puts more fat in the bloodstream, which raises cholesterol levels. This fat is bad for your heart. It makes the heart work harder to pump blood through your body. It slows down your entire cardiovascular system and reduces its lifespan. For a healthier heart and a longer life, try quitting alcohol.

Healthier Liver

Your body was not made to process alcohol. Consuming it is bad for your liver. This organ has to work overtime to try to process any alcohol put into your body. After a while, the liver becomes overworked and suffers damage. Those who consume a lot of alcohol often suffer from hepatitis or cirrhosis.

The good news: liver tissue is regenerative. The liver constantly works to regenerate. If you quit drinking, over time, the liver may be able to flush all of the alcohol out of your system and start to function normally again.

Get Healthy

Are you ready to start reaping these health benefits by quitting drinking? This isn’t an easy step to take, but you don’t have to do it alone. Your alcohol recovery center in Phoenix, AZ can help. Contact the staff at Advanced Sober Living to learn more about how to quit alcohol and start feeling better from head to toe.

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