Real Tips on How to Say No to Drugs

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Drug addiction can begin quickly and quietly. You may not believe that you’re addicted until it begins to take over your life, or you try to quit and experience withdrawals. For this reason, avoiding drugs from the start is the best way to prevent addiction.

If you’ve already experienced drug addiction and are in recovery, saying no to drugs is also critical to your progress. No matter what stage you are at in life, whether you’re a teen experiencing peer pressure from friends or an adult whose friends and acquaintances use drugs, saying no can be difficult. The pressure to fit in can make trying drugs seem like a harmless activity. However, this is not the case.

At our drug aftercare center in Phoenix, AZ, we help men of all ages recover from drug addiction in a supportive and sober living space. Here are some of the ways we encourage our residents to say no to drugs in realistic and effective ways:

  • Stay firm: The best tip for saying no to drugs is to be firm. No matter who is offering you the drugs, they will be more inclined to insist you take them if you sound unsure or hesitant. Decline in a polite, but firm way, then end the discussion, so that the people you’re talking to know that you really mean “no.”
  • Suggest a new activity: Sometimes, drugs are brought out because people are bored. In some cases, suggesting a new activity might help get your friends doing something else without feeling the need to use. If others won’t join you in your suggestion, you can always go by yourself. For example, if you’re out at a bar or club, suggest your friends hit the dance floor. If they decline, say you want to dance and go alone so you are away from the drugs.
  • Offer to DD: Driving while under the influence of drugs is illegal and scary. Decline your friend’s offer and instead offer to be the designated driver to make sure everyone else can get home safely. It’s likely that they will appreciate the offer and respect your decision.
  • Explain the effects of drugs: When it comes to teens or first-time drug users, many people don’t truly understand the negative effects of drugs. If a friend offers you drugs, you could attempt to explain how harmful drugs are and how often they lead to overdose and death.
  • Make an excuse: If you’re a student, tell your friends you have a big test in the morning or an important sports game the following day and can’t risk feeling sick or tired after taking drugs. If you are an adult, use a big work meeting or presentation as an excuse.
  • Avoid the situation: If you have a hard time saying no to others who offer you drugs, try to avoid going to places where you know drugs will be present. If you’re invited to a party hosted by a known drug user, consider skipping this one to avoid getting trapped in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation.

If you find yourself in a situation in which the people offering you drugs get aggressive or won’t take no for an answer, leave. If you consider them your friends, remember that true friends would respect your wishes and would not push you into an uncomfortable situation. If someone you know is in danger, always call for help, even if they try to persuade you otherwise.

If you or someone you know struggles with drug addiction, consider reaching out to a drug aftercare center in Phoenix, AZ. At Advanced Sober Living, we offer men of all ages the support they need to recover and build the skills needed for life after addiction. Our family atmosphere and catered treatment programs can help you through the difficult stages of drug and alcohol addiction. Call us today for more information.

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