Common Rules and Regulations for Sober Living Homes in Phoenix, AZ

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If you will be spending time in a halfway home, it will be very important for you to understand the rules and what is required of you during your stay. Sobriety can look different for everyone, and the rules are in place not only for your own recovery, but for everyone else staying in the home as well. Although each sober living home in Phoenix, AZ is different, here are several things to keep in mind to ensure that your stay is as safe and successful as possible:

  • Embracing sobriety: The number one goal for everyone staying in a halfway home is to remain sober, so all of these homes will be completely drug- and alcohol-free. To make sure this all-important rule is being followed, you will likely be subject to random drug testing.
  • Respecting other residents: In addition to being a part of the support system for other residents as they are for you, you will be expected to respect others and their belongings at all times. There should be no fighting or stealing, and you must make sure that you are playing a part in creating a productive and healthy environment for all.
  • Remaining consistent with meetings: With sobriety being of the utmost importance, you will also be expected to actively continue to reach for this goal on a daily basis. Depending on the specific program you are in, this will require you to attend 12-step or recovery meetings, along with group or individual counseling sessions or both.
  • Be a good house member: If you are able to contribute to the house, you should do so in any way possible. This may mean chipping in on chores that need to be done around the home, or making sure to be home by curfew so as not to disturb the harmony amongst other residents.
  • Planning for the future: If you don’t have a job already, you should start looking into job fairs and interviews when you are able to. Although you will be actively taking part in your recovery now, the ultimate goal is to one day be self-sufficient. This means that you will have to seek out employment and educational opportunities while you are still living in the halfway home to prepare yourself for a better, sober future.

Here at Advanced Sober Living, we are committed to the continued sobriety of every member of our house, but that can only be done with help and support from all of the residents who are striving to live within the guidelines each day. We know that reaching your goals won’t be easy, which is why our sober living home in Phoenix, AZ is here to offer the structure, encouragement and resources you need to stay on the path toward improving your life. Give us a call today to learn more about the programs and treatments we offer so that you too can work towards life after addiction, and reintegrate with your family and society when you are ready.

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