The Stages of Addiction Relapse

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Unfortunately, the road from addiction to recovery is almost never smooth. This means that many people undergoing addiction therapy treatment often suffer from relapses, where they sink back into old bad behaviors and begin engaging in substance abuse again. One of the most reliable ways to prevent early-stage relapses is to check in to a halfway house in Phoenix, AZ. This can help you kick your addiction in a controlled environment where you are less likely to struggle with ongoing temptations.

Addiction relapses typically occur in three-phase cycles. If you are a recovering addict who has recently suffered a relapse, it’s important to understand that this is a normal step on the path toward recovery. While it can be discouraging, it’s a common symptom of long-term substance abuse to relapse during the recovery process.

Phase I: Emotional relapse

During the first phase of addiction relapse, you may not even be thinking about reengaging in your old habits. The first phase of addiction relapse is typically spurred on by an exterior event, like a bad day at work or stressful family drama. Bouts of depression and anxiety attacks can also cause an emotional relapse.

During this phase, you will want to block out the uncomfortable experiences you are going through. You may stop expending energy and time on your recovery efforts. People experiencing an emotional relapse may become disenchanted and disillusioned with their treatment methodology and their existing support network.

Phase II: Mental relapse

If the emotional relapse continues without intervention, you will begin to experience the second phase of addiction relapse, which is the mental relapse. During this phase, you will begin to think about abusing substances again in order to cope with your external and psychological circumstances.

When having thoughts about beginning to use again, you should consult with your addiction counselor or check in to a halfway house in Phoenix, AZ right away. Once these thoughts materialize, it can be nearly impossible to resist your addiction cravings without the help of a caring individual.

Phase III: Physical relapse

The third and final phase of addiction relapse is the physical relapse, during which you actually begin using a substance again. It’s important to seek immediate help if you are experiencing a physical relapse, as you are particularly vulnerable during this time. Because you haven’t been using for a while, your tolerance is likely to be dangerously low and you may be at a greater risk of overdosing.

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