How to Overcome Opiate Cravings with Clean and Sober Living in Phoenix, AZ

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If your body has never been dependent on drugs, you can’t comprehend the cravings involved. If you struggle with opioid abuse, you know exactly how horrific this experience can be. When you face opiate cravings, you need relief, fast. You have to work through the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the craving to come out clean on the other side. For successful clean and sober living in Phoenix, AZ, keep the following in mind:

  • It doesn’t take much: In all honesty, it doesn’t take anything to set off an opiate craving. Sure, there are triggers that can make things worse, but cravings can also come upon you unexpectedly. Keep this in mind as you work through your journey. If it seems your cravings come out of nowhere, you’re not alone. Expect the unexpected and be aware that little things can set you off.
  • You need a plan: What will you do when these cravings hit? They are inevitable, so it’s essential to have a plan in place. Do you have a sponsor to call? What actions can you take to distract yourself from the desire to use? Healthy options include a hobby, exercise and hanging out with sober friends. Develop go-to sources that you can rely on. If you are in a sober living home in Phoenix, AZ, they can help you put this plan together.
  • Keep a proper perspective: When a craving hits you, think about what will happen if you take the opiate. Consider how far you’ve come. Consider where the choice will take you. What will be the consequences? They include health, relational, vocational, emotional and spiritual ramifications. Keep these in mind as you work through the craving. Remind yourself it will be worth holding on and bearing through it to achieve clean and sober living in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Consider MAT: Medication assisted treatment is a common solution to deal with cravings from opiate use. Many patients in recovery are prescribed methadone in Phoenix, AZ. This opioid medication reduces withdrawal symptoms. It takes away cravings without providing the addictive high other opioids deliver. Those who take methadone on a daily basis can often achieve “normal” lives, whether on their own or in sober living homes in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Take care of yourself: This may sound obvious, but many neglect this step. Get plenty of rest. Exercise regularly. Eat a nutritious diet. When you’re tired, dehydrated or poorly nourished, it is much more difficult to work through cravings. When your body is in the best shape it can be, you are physically, mentally and emotionally stronger and are better able to overcome opiate cravings.

A key to working through opiate cravings is to surround yourself with proper support. Whether you are receiving outpatient counseling or are residing in a sober living home in Phoenix, AZ, it’s essential to reach out for help. Don’t try to beat these cravings alone. Support is nearby. Discover the many resources available to you at Advanced Sober Living. Reach out to our staff today.

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